Why Elephants Often Are Not Treated with Respect

People who are greedy for money often treat the kind elephant with disrespect. That is why people in Thailand often take measures against poor animal treatment. The government has set aside sanctuaries where the elephant can live without harm and mingle with sanctuary guests.

An Unfortunate Incident

Unfortunately, some places in the world do not follow guidelines as do those who support nurturing an ethical elephant in Thailand treatment plan. In fact, according to news reports, one elephant recently died of exhaustion in Sri Lanka. The elephant, who was 18 years old, was used to give rides to tourists. It was also made to walk in a parade a day before it collapsed and died.

Tours like this are provided for about $30 per day so the results really are not worth it. After incidents such as this, welfare activists have been called to the forefront. They want certain policies to change in Sri Lanka or where this practice is followed in other countries.

Supporting Animal Welfare

An animal welfare bill has been sponsored by Sri Lankan activists who have tirelessly worked to see that it is passed. This type of bill can be used to change animal abuse laws and protect elephants in the wild or elephants made to work in extremely harsh ways.

If you are an animal lover, you will not have to experience this type of behavior from people who take care of elephants in Thailand. You can book travel and arrange a time to see elephants up close, happy, and secure in a natural preserve and animal sanctuary. Elephants in this place are treated with respect and welcome animal lovers to their domain.

Treat the Elephant with the Kindness it Deserves

That is quite different than what other elephants may experience in other parts of the world. The government in Thailand is dedicated to reminding people to treat animals kindly, especially a loving creature such as the elephant.

Teach Your Children Important Lessons

By visiting an elephant sanctuary with your children, you can also teach them the importance of treating all animals with kindness and respect. A hands-on encounter will give your child something to remember for a lifetime and a memory that will help make him or her a kinder, gentler person.

Keeping the Elephant Safe

Elephants do not deserve to be used for activities that take away their privilege of roaming free in the wild. That is why the Thai people advocate the use of sanctuaries to protect elephants from predators who kill elephants for their ivory or who do not show the proper care and understanding.

Overcoming the Needless Suffering

Greed is often the reason why most animals suffer, such as the elephant. People like to make money off the tusks of the elephant or they use it for tourism in a negative way. You should never overwork any animal to the point of exhaustion. It is not only inhumane but unconscionable. If you want to see the elephant happy and productive in its native habitat, schedule a time to see it at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

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