Tips to Spend Amazing Time at The Zoo

Do you love watching animals and birds? Zoo can be the best place to spend lovely moments in their presence. We are presenting you some useful tips that will make your day at the zoo an amazing experience.

Get the right ticket

You need to first find the right ticket. You may get different passes depending on the type of tour, number of people present in your group and number of days that you need to spend in the zoo. Hotel Zoo Granby is one of the most popular hotels that provide a wide range of services to its guests. Some of the amenities that you can be rest assured are catering, housekeeper, free W-Fi, high speed internet, gym, restaurant, minibar, regular bar, spa, etc.

To get the best entertainment from your zoo trip, it is advised to find the combination that suits your requirements in the best possible way. You also have the opportunity to buy passes online so you don’t need to waste your time standing in long queues.

Get the right parking

If you want a VIP parking space close to your entrance, then it is advised to reserve your space prior to making a visit! In most of the zoos, you need not to pay anything to get the parking but it is before to check before actually visiting the zoo. Many of the zoos also provide lucrative parking offers to people.

The reservation for parking can also be made via online mode at a minimum fee. People who are interested to get parking service can enroll for website alerts. It will help you choose the right parking for your needs.

Food services

Food is another important consideration that you need to look at the time of planning for a zoo visit. There are several different types of food catering services that you need to consider. Browse through the menu to find the healthiest eating options.

Choose those food items that satisfy your family’s urges. If you have any food allergies, you need not to worry about it. Many zoos provide restaurants that offer dishes that are certified to be devoid of allergens and gluten.


Visiting a zoo with your family and friends can be the most awaited moment. All these tips will definitely help you make your zoo trip all the more interesting and unforgettable experience.  You are sure to experience the most fulfilling and entertaining visit full of delightful pictures and enjoyable memories.

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