Teaching Kids to Love the Ocean.

The Ocean is the largest environment on earth. It is 70 percent of the surface and involves the most life forms on the planet. If you care about the earth one of the things that you want to impress upon your children is the value and the fragility of the oceans. But the ocean is more than just an ecosystem, it is a beautiful living thing with many wonders and fascinating creatures. Even if your children are not so keen on conservation. They will still be amazed at the marvels the ocean has to show. Here are a few ways you can educate your children about the deep blue sea.

Seals and Other Shore Life: You don’t need a boat to appreciate the ocean. There are quite a few creatures that live at the edge of land and sea. Penguins, seals, birds, tide pool creatures, and sometimes even whales can be observed from dry ground. And if you bring a snorkel, you can see even more. In some places you can take tours designed to show a variety of animals and even have close access. For example, in Narooma, seal swimming is something the whole family can try.

Whale Watching Tours: There are many places in the world where, for a small fee, you can take a cruise out to whale rich habitats and see these majestic giants in the wild. For many, this is a bucket list experience, and to involve your children will give them an encounter that is incomparable. Whales are a symbol of the oceans and an indicator of ocean health. Most whale species have been recovering in the last few decades, but there is much more work to be done.

Snorkelling: Even if your children are more interested in their phones than they are in anything living. The experience of snorkelling in a rich marine environment will bring them back to nature. Snorkelling is such an enjoyable experience that people travel across continents to participate. But just because it resembles a good time, that doesn’t mean it is not educational. Snorkelling usually comes with beautiful locations and holiday experiences, so its win win.

One thing you can do without travel is to break up the TV routine with some of the excellent documentaries produced by the BBC and other producers. The great expense and risk they take to bring the oceans to your home is a tremendous blessing for us all. You can expose your children to nearly all we know about the sea, without leaving your home.

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