Planning A Lazy Weekend In Ouray? Here’s All You Can Do!

Ouray is known as “The Switzerland of America”. This small town in Colorado is located in the San Juan Mountains and feels different in every season. In the winters, you can enjoy anything and everything from snowmobiling to skiing, while spring and fall seasons are great for enjoying a good trek. Hiking, in fact, is one of the favorite activities here. However, if you are in mood for a lazy weekend and don’t want to indulge in adventure activities, Ouray still has plenty to offer. In this post, we are discussing the easy things you can enjoy here on a quick getaway.

Make time for Ouray Breweries

Ouray Breweries are pretty famed, and many are located right in the center of the town. The most famous one is the Ouray Brewery, which is a family-owned business and pub and offers a whole range of craft beers and pub-style food items on the menu. What’s more? You can even choose to go for a rooftop dining experience that’s beyond words and offers a stunning, panoramic view of the town. Red Mountain Brewing is another place to consider for craft beers and has an amazing seating arrangement. Their cocktails and whiskey selections are equally good. The third option we want to include is O’Brien’s Pub. This one is a famed place for Irish-American food, and you can find some really nice items on the menu.

Just enjoy your stay 

Thanks to its location, Ouray enjoys amazing weather all through the year, and if you are doing nothing else, especially in the winters, we recommend that you go for an extended stay. There are many hotels and chalets in Ouray that are open all through the year and offer all the arrangements you will need on a lazy vacation.

Don’t miss shopping

What can be more fun than shopping on the streets? Ouray has some really old Victorian buildings, and most of these are still in use. We recommend that you consider buying a few antiques and local items. Chocolates are also pretty famous in Ouray and are worth taking back home.

Finally, soak in the weather. Regardless of the season, this small town feels unique and different, which is probably why it remains one of the most-loved destinations in Colorado. We, however, recommend that you book your stay in advance, especially in the winter and fall seasons when the rush is typically higher.

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