My Best Three Favorite Grand Gorge South Rim Helicopter Tours Ever!

The South Rim is among the most scenic area of the Grand Gorge, which is an incredible spot to take on a helicopter tour. These flights depart daily and they’re simple to fit your budget. Booking the right tour could be confusing, so this information will reveal the very best three helicopter tours you should think about.

Top Tour #1: The More Flight Option

The Nation’s Park is big, and the only method you can observe a lot of it on one tour would be to fly regarding this inside a helicopter. The more, 50-minute tour is a superb choice since it enables you to definitely fly over 75 % from the entire Park. The flight will take off from Tusayan, AZ, after which it flies over remote backwoods areas as you become to determine its northern border Rim and also the scenic grounds completely towards the eastern border from the Park.

Even though this tour is more expensive, it’s still the main tour since you’re able to see a lot of amazing sights on your flight. For instance, two notable landmarks you’ll be able to see in the air would be the Dragoon Corridor and also the Colorado River Confluence.

Top Tour #2: The Shorter Air Tour

The shorter, 30-minute tour is less costly, so it’s the ideal choice if you want to be careful about your budget because you will still see many interesting sights. The result is exactly the same flight path because the extended tour to its northern border Rim, but rather of starting with the eastern border from the park, your helicopter will circle to Tusayan. Even around the short tour, you’ll fly within the Dragoon Corridor, so you’ll be able to begin to see the greatest and largest area of the Gorge.

Top Tour #3: Combine Your Flight Having A Land Tour

This tour is among the how to feel the Gorge as you’ll be able to view it in the air in addition to in the ground. About this tour, you’ll relish a 30-minute flyover from the Gorge in addition to a jeep tour so that you can see most of the landmarks close up. Around the land tour, you’ll ride with the park on the jeep for just two hrs so that you can feel the beautiful Mather and Yaki lookout points, and you can shop and dine whenever you visit a quaint historic village.

Gorge Landing Tours

The helicopters on tours within this area of the Gorge don’t land, they simply provide air tours. Landing tours are prohibited through the park service only at that rim from the Gorge. Landing tours are just permitted in the West Rim, if you actually want to take one, you need to book an excursion that departs from Vegas and flies towards the West Rim.

Book The Luxurious Tour Option

Whenever you select the flight you want to capture, you are able to book the fundamental tour or even the luxurious version. One huge difference may be the aircraft utilized on the luxurious tours. Luxurious tours fly around the EcoStar 130 chopper. The fundamental tours fly on Bell Rangers, as well as in comparison, the EcoStar is a lot roomier and comfy to fly in. The seats are arranged stadium style, so there aren’t any obstructed views, plus, the EcoStar includes a massive breathtaking viewing window for unparalleled sightseeing. The luxurious tour may be worth the additional cost, so you should think about booking one when you are ready to purchase your tour.

Enjoy Your Tour

Hopefully, this short article provides you with ideas for booking an incredible tour. Remember, if you wish to have a landing tour, you must see free airline Rim on the Vegas tour rather. Should you maintain Vegas, you are able to tour the South Rim too, but you will need to give a one-hour flight in the city to Tusayan so that you can start your helicopter flight after that. If you wish to see because the Gorge as you possibly can, book the extended helicopter tour, but if you wish to go ahead and take fun jeep ride with the park, it the mixture tour rather. Whichever tour you are taking, you will be treated to probably the most beautiful scenic landscapes you will see anywhere in the world.

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