How To Explore NYC In Two Days? Here’s A Guide!

If you truly want to explore New York City, you need at least a week. Of course, most vacationers are hard pressed for time, and it is impossible to see everything. We have put together a simplified guide for your help.

Start with Central Park

Central Park has a charm of its own. You can spend hours here, enjoying the attractions or riding a bike. There are also shows and concerts organized for free, and the experience is just different than that of a Broadway show. Don’t miss the Bethesda Fountain and zoo.

You can also check for upcoming jazz concerts online at some of the jazz clubs.

Make time for Metropolitan Museum of Art.

While NYC has more than 80 museums, including the Museum of Sex, Metropolitan Museum of Art definitely stands out. There are so many rooms full of history and art, that you cannot literally come back for a second view.

Do visit Times Square

Many people consider Times Square to be overhyped and crowded, but an evening here amidst the local people and tourists is a worthwhile experience. You can also find cheap show tickets here for the same day. The flashing neon lights and big billboards make for an exciting ambience.

Take a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge

If you want the best views of Lower Manhattan and the city skyline, you must walk the Brooklyn Bridge, which remains one of the most loved landmarks of NYC. It can take around 30 to 40 minutes to complete the walk, and if you go early morning, you can avoid the rush too. You can also choose to walk the Williamsburg Bridge.

Tour Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

You cannot come to NYC and not see Lady Liberty. If you don’t want to walk all the way to the top, it’s fine, but do tour the area and take good photos. For those who want stunning views of the Statue, they can consider the Staten Island Ferry, which is free, available through the day and night and leaves every 30 minutes.

A trip to American Museum of Natural History

If you want to feel like a child again, go to American Museum of Natural History, where you can even find exhibits from space! The experience is almost like visiting a museum as a kid, and it is all worthwhile, especially when you don’t want to see too many museums on the same day.

Finally, don’t forget to grab a few slices of pizza as you travel around!

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